BRINK Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working to expose the destructive forces behind the modern web while promoting more mindful social media browsing habits and alternative spaces for human engagement.

Our goal: to reduce the Internet’s negative impact on our collective mental and social wellbeing.


The internet was supposed to change the world. But not like this.

As a small creative agency emerging in the early days of the web, BRINK was there to witness the birth of a medium that could operate outside the gatekeepers of traditional media. The opportunities for connection, expression and enlightenment felt born of a utopian science fiction turned reality. The web was an alternative path for a society that was increasingly market-driven instead of people-driven.

As we participated in the emergence of social media through the middle-to-late aughts, trolls masked behind the cloak of anonymity were starting to degrade cyberspace while corporations slowly sucked the soul out of a once great engine of ingenuity.

The dreamers could still prevail, we thought. So long as we have a fighting chance.

We didn’t imagine that over the years, the tech billionaires of Silicon Valley would stack the deck against humanity. The trolls, deceivers and grifters were rewarded because they helped drive engagement and revenue – a reality coordinated adversaries are now able to exploit. Conformity became the imperative because it made advertising easier to sell. And the people became the product with no regard to the catastrophic side effects to the collective.

Following Brexit and the election of Trump in 2016, it felt like we were entering a crossroads with one path leading to a place nobody wants to go. What could we do? We started a nonprofit to sit alongside our agency and tackle this issue the best way we know how: through storytelling, art and pro-human propaganda.

BRINK the agency donates strategic and creative resources into the efforts of the Foundation, however we need more support from both individual and institutional allies to amplify our work and impact. Consider joining us as a donor, volunteer, or artist contributor – reach out to see how you can help.


The Foundation is currently all-volunteer driven, ushered by a diverse board and the talents of the producers, planners and provocateurs of BRINK.

Executive Director

Danny Vinik

Retired founder of BRINK.
Curator and Owner of Pidgin Palace Arts.
Concerned that people who love the 2nd amendment don’t understand the first.


Joshua Belhumeur

Co-Founder of Foundation.
Champion of nuance and new thoughts.


Louis Stamler

Retired CPA.
Learned the definition of Activism at the 1968 Democratic Convention. Google it.

Malcolm Critcher

Creative Director at BRINK.
Free speech advocate.
Owns guns.
Memes to an end.

Polly Estabrook

NASA JPL Rocket Scientist.
After guiding a rover to Mars,
realized our planet was fucked.