Exposing the public health crisis that will define this era.

You see it too, right?

Cultural chasms so wide we find no common ground.
Institutional distrust so engrained we have no objectivity.
Abject cynicism so blinding we have no vision.

We are caught in a social malaise that manifests as depression, rage, paranoia, stress and increasingly antisocial behaviors.

1 out of 4 adults say most days they are so stressed they can't even function, 1 out of 2 if you are under 35.

People are critically ill.

Our mission is to identify and amplify a diagnosis so that we might work together on the cure.

Technology is broken
and, in turn, breaking us.

The promise of technology was to enhance our lived experience.
But the leaders of the web 2.0 era prefer to see us as data worth monetizing instead of lives worth improving.

The soulless machines they've built manipulate our emotional states for views and clicks, causing us to lose touch with the fundamentals of our own humanity.

And now we have raised an entire generation on them.

How? There are a number of algorithmic factors baked into the way modern social platforms operate, fueled by profit-motive from big tech companies.

Social media reinforces biases and cocoons us in a reaffirming echo chamber.

Social media rewards sensationalism and
discourages nuance.

Social media amplifies misinformation and prioritizes what's tantalizing over what's true.

Social media pushes us to see ideological opposition as danger instead of disagreement.

Social media is not the only problem, but it’s an accelerant unlike any other.

Our mission is to lead public information campaigns to educate people about the dangers of the digital platforms on which they spend their time.

It's time for the same vigorous public messaging and focused policy conversations we’ve seen with smoking, drug abuse, and other public health crises.

We are seeking 2 outcomes:

Generate more bottom-up pressure on tech companies to operate more responsibly and on policymakers to prioritize examining and addressing the problem.
Promote more mindful social media browsing habits to reduce the internet’s negative impact on our collective mental and social wellbeing.